"Lyndsey is a true professional. Not only are her treatments effective but I could actually feel the energy moving around my body during each of my sessions. Lyndsey is a lovely person and is very "in tune" with people which really helps make the sessions relaxing and therapeutic."
"I would recommend Lyndsey to anyone wanting reflexology."
Tracy Langton - Worsley.

May 27 at 12:23pm ·
"Well last reflexology for a while this morning"   😢
"Back to work and thankfully looking and feeling much better thanks to Lyndsey at Latona."
"Reflexology is probably one of the most relaxing treatments I have had and has many health benefits. I'm sleeping better, feel relaxed but most all my face has almost recovered."  


Jane - Swinton Manchester.

My client was suffering from Bell's Palsy.
 "I have been seeing Lyndsey for quite a while now and am so glad that my friend told me about her . I have a couple of health issues - one being arthiritis in my fingers which can be painful at times."
"Lyndsey worked on my hands for quite a few weeks and has lessened the pain and stiffness a great deal and she has been able to tell me other things about my health in general from doing this work ."
"A while ago we changed to my feet , which Lyndsey says tells her much more about my health and wellbeing , and I must say the information recieved was amazing , as well as it being one of the most relaxing hours ever."
"Lyndsey`s attention to detail for your comfort and senses , precedes a lovely relaxing hour which benefits your healing and spiritual needs ."
Susan Armitage - Wardley.


Kimberley from Salford - 2 weeks ago
Such a relaxing experience!!  
Visiting Lyndsey is my monthly treat!
Her treatments help massively to reduce stress and anxiety in my life which impacts upon my health and well-being. Thank you!!

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