Prices start at:  £40.00 for Foot / Hand Reflexology or Indian Head Massage.
Aromaflex creams and gels from £10 per 45 ml pot.

Gift Vouchers

Why not treat your loved one or friend to a gift voucher so they can plan in with me the treatment?
Feeling really pampered from head to toe and treated for a birthday or special seasonal gift?  
I am available for pamper parties or hen do's and home bookings are welcome.

Holistic Massage

This massage has the potential to improve your entire body, like getting a full body MOT.

Promoting Relaxation

For 24 - 48 hours after the treatment your body may feel a little more tired,you may urinate more often and feel a little cold this is just your body healing and is perfectly normal.

Improving Metabolism

By balancing all the reflexes in the feet I can encourage balance within your body.
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